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Lesley University Early Childhood Innovations

October 10, 2023 | Events, News

Iris and Lisa will be presenting with Victor L. Bradley, Jr. at the virtual Lesley University Early Childhood Innovations Series: Be a Change Maker.

Please join us for ” a discussion about how to bring social justice into our educational settings: “Lesley University Early Childhood Innovations Series—Be a Change Maker: Bringing Anti-bias and Anti-racist Curriculum and Conversations into Your Classroom.”

Victor Bradley, Iris Ponte, and Lisa Kuh will offer practical hands-on application of how to work with your school community to understand and implement anti-bias and anti-racist curriculum and conversations into your school setting.

Bradley will discus how being a change maker is not just about creating better students, but about nurturing better human beings. How do we support children in seeing themselves as activists and work to dismantle the inequities in their learning environment? How do we as adults move past fear in order to live out our mission statement as a social justice organization? Change makers believe in a better world and see themselves as having the power to improve it. Educators will receive a personalized set of tools to take away with them.

Kuh and Ponte will then share their recent publication, The Complementary Curriculum Approach, and how to use the framework with an anti-bias lens. In addition, Ponte will share curriculum and strategies with examples from her preschool program to support considerations for your classrooms.

Join the presentation on Thursday, October 12 from 4:30-6:30pm.

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