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The Complementary Curriculum Approach invites teachers to support children’s play and cultivate classroom environments with rich, interesting learning experiences at the core. The Complementary Curriculum Approach identifies four strategic and powerful teaching intentions. These intentions will invigorate and strengthen teacher practices and pave the way for meaningful, joyful engagement for children and the adults who work with them.

What People Are Saying

"Drawing on the wisdom of pioneers in early childhood education and development, they take that wisdom and use it as ingredients to produce the feast in the classroom they call a “complementary curriculum."

W. George Scarlett, Ph.D., Sr. Lecturer and Tisch Sr. Fellow, Tufts University

"The Complementary Curriculum Approach takes educational theories and practices that have strong foundations and uses a fresh look to bring them together to better meet the social-emotional and cognitive needs of all children by providing them with agency and choice."

Debbie LeeKeenan, Lecturer, author, consultant,

"The Complementary Curriculum Approach shows us how to balance the best methodologies and integrate curriculum to truly create high-quality early childhood experiences like never before.."

Cady Audette and Kelly Pellagrini, co-directors at Charlestown Nursery School

"Dripping with evocative stories from early childhood classrooms, Iris and Lisa draw on their history as educators and coaches to respond to the everyday frustrations teachers experience as they seek to create a "settled classroom" in which children's engagement and joy abounds. In this book, the authors show us how key theories and approaches in our field can complement each other to reveal powerful and practical solutions driven by clear intentions, rather than desperation."

John Nimmo EdD, Associate Professor / Co-Coordinator, Early Childhood Education Programs Department of Curriculum & Instruction, Portland State University

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News & Events

NAEYC National Conference: Beyond the Easel

Lisa Kuh and Sara Bloomberg will give a workshop called Beyond the Easel: Supporting Artistic Expression, Independence, and Creativity at NAEYC Nashville, TN on November 18, 2023. Moving from teacher directed craft projects to process centered artistic expression...

The Paradigm Project and The Orchard

Lisa joins leaders of Jewish preschools across the country for two learning opportunities. She will co-facilitate 5 sessions of Rhythms of the Jewish year with a focus on Following Children’s Interests through Big Idea explorations to bring deeper meaning to the focus...