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NAEYC National Conference: Beyond the Easel

October 26, 2023 | Announcement, Events

Lisa Kuh and Sara Bloomberg will give a workshop called Beyond the Easel: Supporting Artistic Expression, Independence, and Creativity at NAEYC Nashville, TN on November 18, 2023.

Moving from teacher directed craft projects to process centered artistic expression requires intention and design. This session focuses on process oriented, child-led art making that children can access and use day after day independently and in collaboration with peers. When children engage in meaningful art experiences they discover their creative sensibility, understand the use of a range of materials, and participate in a cycle of activity that brings them joy. Learn to set up materials in an art studio area, and present art activities related to printing, wire, drawing, and collage in a developmentally appropriate sequence. Sustaining and maintaining art experiences can be a challenge and this session will address how to organize materials and ready your art area for children’s successful engagement. Art making lends itself to expressive language and children’ reflection on art. This session also addresses how to incorporate reflective thinking and literacy connections into the process of art making to support rich artistic expression experiences. 

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